4 definitions by OhMyReflect

A up and coming rapper he is on the rise and grinding every day with his most liked song being (when I was yung) with over 14 million views on YouTube
Yo James have you heard The new song Yung Pinch just dropped that shit on repeat
by OhMyReflect June 30, 2019
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When your mom finds your cum sick then beats you with it
Damn I got sockbeat yesterday I can believe she found that cum sock, shit was hidden in my mattress
by OhMyReflect July 18, 2019
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A raid on a government facility that supposedly hides spacey bois. The raid is to see them aliens and hopefully bring home as a pet.
Dan: I’m so tired of my alien waking me up at 3:00 AM asking how to use the microwave

Charlie: it was worth it we finally got to see this spacey bois in the Area 51 raid
by OhMyReflect July 17, 2019
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