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A girl who, at first glance, does appear to be a thot but, upon further examination you find she's actually a pretty decent chick(possibly into gaming and happy to just netflix and chill) who just happens to look like thot.

The etymology of this word comes from the fusion of Thot and hotty since the initial appearance invokes thoughts of thottiness but that turns into hottiness once you realise she ain't no cheap ass ho.
Guy 1: Damn she's fiiiine but definitely a thot.
Guy2: Nah dude, she's in my Econ101 class, she's chilled, definite 10/10 thoty.
by Mr. turp February 10, 2018
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Friend 1: "omg that song called 'alone' is SO THOTY"
Friend 2: "you do realize it's by that one singer Halsey right?"
Friend 1: "dang that bitch is fine i better give her my coins!"
by monsterzmayhem May 29, 2018
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