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Abbreviation for naturally.
I am a member. So I went to the meeting, natch.
by Ofcourse August 19, 2003
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Definitions on urban dictionary. Things decided by anonymous people and presented as fact
Laws are arbitrary in nature
by OfCourse January 22, 2015
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Being a Wonderful Geek entails, Doing things which may seem geeky, but being wonderful when doing them.
A: Do you listen to Radio Three
S: Somtimes
A: You ought to all of your waking life!
S: That good huh?
A: I think so, it makes you a genius when combined with Radio Four
S: A you are such a wonderful geek.
by OFCOURSE April 10, 2006
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When a word you created and made by famous is stolen and re-defined by the public and/or urban dictionary.
"An Albatroaz Is a strong confident woman, in other words a bad ass bitch" is wordtheft.
by OfCourse January 22, 2015
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