4 definitions by North&J

A Mantress is someone who spends most of their time in bed. Half man half mattress. This person sleeps, eats and often smokes in bed. If you do the above you become mattressed.
by North&J April 13, 2016
The Human Matress. Half man half Matress. A person who spends most of their time sleeping, eating or smoking in bed.
The Mantress is sleeping
Last night I was absolutely mantressed
by North&J April 13, 2016
Same angle Selfies (when a male or female has a preferred angle to take selfies at they will essentially upload the same pose over and over again on their social media pages)
Her profile is full of pouty S.A.S
by North&J May 31, 2015
KayLeighs legs were raggied after she fell on a broken glass
by North&J November 11, 2018