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To mess about, to waste time on needless activities, largely resulting in a commendable achievment of fuck all. Often causing lateness. Also called "fannying about" by the more conservative of you. Females specialise in fannying, hence the term "fanny". However there are famous males such as George Bush who bear the hallmarks of fannying. The Iraq war being one of George Bush's most famous incidents of fannying about.
1. "I'm sorry, but to me foreplay is just beating around the bush. It's too much fannying about for my liking."
2."Oi, Ieaun, no fannying this time, we meet at twelve! Not a quarter to one or in another life as insects who only live for a day! Which you'd spend fannying!"
by No Name Johnny September 06, 2005

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The sexual orientation of one who is completely straight but it quite comfortable talking about another member of the same sex in a midly sexual manner.
"'yeah, he's certainly got a nice firm butt'"
is casually straight, however
"'i would like to rag him one up the jacksie'"
is generally not considered casually straight and more quite simply gay.
by No Name Johnny September 06, 2005

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A description of the penis of a man who has overindulged in sexual self labour. As in to border on double figures for the number of times he has spanked the monkey in one day. It refers to the friction on a baggage handler's arm as it is pulled in and out of bags causing it to become bright purple and sore.
"Dude, that guy's 'played the pecker banjo' so many times today! He must have a dick like a baggage handler's arm."
by No Name Johnny September 06, 2005

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A pre-modifier and adjective. Indeed, superlative is a type of adjective but is here modified itself to create a more educated sounding word, and for absolutley no other purpose whatsoever. As such, it describes another adjective as being the greatest of its kind, ie sexy becomes sexiest, and fat becomes fattest. Fattest and sexiest are in themselves regular superlatives requiring no pre-modification, however, superlatively describes a descriptive adjective like sexy or fat to mean that the object being described is the most extreme of its field, be that field sexyness or fatness.
"I love you honey, you're so superlatively sexy"

"You superlatively cocky bastard!"
by No Name Johnny June 05, 2006

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The state of an object being warm having been sat on and/or warmed by an arse.
"Could I borrow a pen?"
"Sure. It's a bit arse warm."
"I'll ask somebody else."
by No Name Johnny December 20, 2005

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The time allowed for fannying to take place so as not to be late. Usually about 10 minutes.
"You know what she's like, we'd best allow 10 minutes fannytime or else we'll never get there on time!"
by No Name Johnny September 06, 2005

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