42 definitions by Ninja Disaster

Horribly bastardized style of English spoken by Japanese ESL dropouts.

See: Engrish.
"We are make the outrageous happy fun ok!"

"More power to your elbow cocky victory!"

"Zig, for great justice!"
by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2003
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A World War II-era rocket launcher from the PC game "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory". It's what the AWP is to Counter-Strike and the BFG10k is to Quake III Arena: a newbie gun that deals a ridiculous amount of damage and requires ZERO skill to use. Hell, it's basically an instant kill weapon.

It's also affectionately referred to as the "Pussyfaust", the "Pansyfaust", the "Pussy Cannon", and sometimes tha "Panza".
by Ninja Disaster July 04, 2003
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1.) Overexposed NASCAR driver who wouldn't be half as famous as he is if he didn't have his father's name. (see: media whore)

2.) One who turns left in a stripped-down family sedan for 4 hours. (see: boring, mindnumbing, and trivial)

3.) One who lacks any real driving ability. (see: talentless)

4.) One who crashes and burns on road courses with right-hand turns, no matter how slight they may be. (see: unintentional drifter, granny shifter, handbrake whore, and noob)
Poor Mr. Earnhardt... Flying off the course and bursting into flames on that 10-degree right-hand turn...
by Ninja Disaster November 21, 2004
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A society for people with high IQs, which they define as being within the top 2% of the "general population." It is a haven for snobbish elitists who feel that it is their God-given right to belittle people who aren't as "smart" as they are (see: mensa troll, asshole, and superiority complex). In fact, the average Mensa gathering is just an exclusionist circle jerk where people talk about how goddamn smart they are and how stupid everyone else is, usually with a glass of brandy in one hand and a copy of Aristotle in the other (monocle and pretentious goatee optional). Beware when encountering a Mensa member on the street; if he does not eye you with contempt and shove past you in a huff, he will shove his status as a member down your throat in a long-winded self-aggrandizing monologue.
Me: Hey man, do you have the time?
Mensa Troll: Why, yes I do. But I'm not going to give it to you until you apologize for addressing me in such a crude manner.
Me: Uh... what?
Mensa Troll: Begone, you filthy pissant. My genius cannot be stifled by the suffocating weight of your ignorance.
Me: Ugh. You must be from Mensa...
Mensa Troll: Wow, how did you know?
Me: I dunno, just a feeling...
by Ninja Disaster December 14, 2004
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A vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine; They're pretty much crap without some sort of forced induction system.
You can turn your 120hp Integra 4-banger into a 250hp contender with a turbo kit, mate. Of course, you could have gotten a Camaro or a DSM with that money, but noooo...
by Ninja Disaster November 24, 2004
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Land of militant neo-Nazi potato farmers. Needless to say, the state's tourism industry is basically non-existent.
"Hey, want to visit Idaho?"
"Are you insane? Hell no!"
by Ninja Disaster October 21, 2003
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A band who can't decide whether they're the new Soundgarden or not. Nine times out of ten, you probably couldn't tell an Audioslave track apart from a Soundgarden track. I still like them though.
They're confused as hell, but they still make good music. Cornell + Morello = Win.
by Ninja Disaster January 22, 2004
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