9 definitions by Ninj4

kids that made it through high school, but didn't go on to college and hang aroung their hometown feeling sorry for themselves.
by Ninj4 October 29, 2003
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my generation, which is today's adolescents, is considered the most apetheic generation yet. true, ne?
by Ninj4 December 7, 2003
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i think it's a town on the california coast
i havent been to san luis obispo
by Ninj4 October 14, 2003
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i wish i could remember
by Ninj4 January 18, 2004
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less of a good thing is better than more of a bad thing.
do YOU want a metric shitload of of nasty cheese burgers, or one of the best cheese burgers in the world???
by Ninj4 December 7, 2003
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the best phrase ever. can be used when one is so furstrated, they give up. or when something is so lame, they cant stand it anymore. came from Cartman
1. Forget this shiznit ya'll, im going home!
2. You guys are so lame, im going home!
by Ninj4 October 14, 2003
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the WORSE combination of four words in the dictionary. usually implies the future action in a realtionship aka, hes dumping you.
Jack- Betty, we need to talk.
Betty- oh shit
by Ninj4 October 14, 2003
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