125 definitions by Nikki

questioning if a person really means what they say same as saying yeah right.
"I think im going to break up with him tonight"
response: "and I know it" yeah right!
by nikki February 23, 2005
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drummer for the casualties hottest fucker ever.
meggers belongs to me
by nikki February 16, 2005
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coolest guy in the world i love him so much he is like a HOT Teddy bear waiting to be cuddled!!

Best band in the world!!!!
woman 1: who is that hot guy

ME: Thats Tre i would love to fuck him!!!
by Nikki January 17, 2005
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Too embarrassed to orgasm!

The 2E2 Forum is a light hearted friendly atmosphere provided by the 2E2 team. There are no restrictions within the forum; all that we ask is that the replies and comments made are entertaining to others; use your imagination.
Hey have you been to www.2e2.org lately? Check it out!
by nikki June 23, 2004
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a synonym for whatever.
(girl one)You smell like fish
(girl two)play me better
by Nikki December 03, 2003
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when something is really kewl or hott.
You are so spevacek!
by Nikki October 30, 2003
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or ICS - female private part, pussy
I got her so hot her ice cream sammich melted.
by Nikki April 05, 2005
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