4 definitions by Nicoleode

One of the political parties in the US, the other being the democrats.
Making stem cell research illegal is par for the course of repuglicans, until they need it to save Reagan or Bush senior, then its allllll ok.
by Nicoleode October 22, 2006
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He is so persnooty he makes his ice cubes with Evian water.
by Nicoleode October 7, 2006
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when someone says something that makes you realize that you are dummer than you look.
an example piposism says that you can promote yourself you just have to realize that everyone is as dumb as you are, crikey!
by Nicoleode October 3, 2006
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what a house with two kids and animals becomes after a week of no time to clean.
It is a real clutterfuck in here! (not to be said in front of children)
by Nicoleode October 3, 2006
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