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5 definitions by Nerdnerd

something that doesn't happen when you eat Doritos.
I am not fat, you are. I eat Doritos!
by Nerdnerd November 10, 2016
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Person who has a lot of intelligence, like the opposite of me.
Nerd: c'mon, you wanna play with that 10 watt battery, let's put it inside our tesla's!
Gang of nerds: no, lets put inside our experimental rocket jet thing!
Me: what the hell are they talkin' bout'? Can I touch that.... Battery thingymajig? Loo- omfg I am fudgin out.
by Nerdnerd November 6, 2016
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A player who eases their way to the top, respect them. A noob, on the other hand, has no will to get there.. by himself. Just read the sentences. Drumroll, please?
Newb: Can you help me get a diamond dagger?
Pro: Sure!

Noob: di di an bui mi nana whip!
Pro: Google translate, be there when I need you..... No noobish language? I told you....
by Nerdnerd November 4, 2016
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1. Overused word by people who suck
2. Fudge U Cunt Killah
3. A insult.
4. A word.
by Nerdnerd November 6, 2016
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by Nerdnerd November 6, 2016
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