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A special room hidden away, usually in a basement or underground with sound proof walls, suitable for deviant sexual activity, or surprise sex, with unwitting hitchhikers, prostitutes, strippers, or other partners.
Steve - "Hey Bill, did you hear what Josiah and his dad built last weekend?"

Bill - "Yeah, man, that's cool... I can't wait to get my sister in that rape dungeon for a little surprise hey-nanny-nanny. I be knockin that bitches bottom out. Dey rapin' e'rbody down dere!"
by Nelson Birdwell December 03, 2010

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The resulting blast from extreme fart squelching. This blast is often a brown, wet mess, or BWM.
Gina was on her first date. She went to a seafood place and her stomach started gurgling, but she squelched her farts until her skin turned pale. Finally, during the good night kiss, she had an analsplosion. Her panties were soaked, but not in a good way.
by Nelson Birdwell November 26, 2010

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A mindless, controlling drone of the Jehovah's Witness Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Their function is to squelch independent thought, spy on those suspected of 'wrong doing', and assist the rank and file in making day-to-day menial decisions. They also keep track of the number of hours a member spends knocking on doors each month. Most have the educational level of a toilet brush salesman, but they follow orders well. They enjoy the times spent in judicial committee, where they are privy to confessions of sexual activity of hot young girls, providing fodder for masturbatory sessions at a later time.
Gina- "I have to go shopping for a new pair of shoes for service Saturday, but tomorrow is Black Friday and I don't know if it would be appropriate for a Christian sister to partake in such a worldly celebration. What do you think, Suzanne?"

Suzanne - "I think you should ask the Elders about that. You could ask Brother McDrooly, he is always so knowledgeable. But I would avoid Brother Peterphile, he popped a boner and actually came while I described giving a blowjob when I confessed during my judicial hearing last summer."

Gina - "Thanks, Suzanne. I am always praying thanks to Jehovah for the wonderful Elders we have here at the Kingdom Hall."
by Nelson Birdwell December 05, 2010

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-verb- The art of anal sex after-play, where the pitcher, after ejaculating in his partner's anus, uses a straw to suck and blow the jizm in and out of the catcher's anus.
Bill and Ted had an excellent adventure yesterday, they bought a box of straws, then they spent the afternoon fucking each other up the ass and clamming. Unfortunately Bill swallowed the clam which left Ted unfulfilled.
by Nelson Birdwell December 03, 2010

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verb - The act of achieving orgasm so hard that you actually see the face of God.
Man, that bitch from the Kingdom Hall and I went out last night, you know the one, the Elder's daughter? Yeah, well she was sucking my dick so hard and she jammed her finger in my ass. Well, I Jehovah Witnessed right in her mouth! I thought I died and went to heaven cuz God was right there. We goin' out again tomorrow.
by Nelson Birdwell June 18, 2010

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