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Vinlanders are what Viking collinist where called in North America,greenland and Iceland during the 11th centry. the Vikings called the area Vinland because of it's many vines. Vinlanders can also mean modern Americans of nordic or anglo decent who feel akin To the Original norse collinist.Inaddtion,There is also a social club Known as the Vinlanders Social Club In north American It is probably the largest association of racially concious patriotic SkinHeads In north America
Vinlanders basically just means Vikings Vinland means America
by Nlr718 December 16, 2006

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Brooklynites are natives of brooklyn who offten have had ancestory in brooklyn for generations and speak with a brooklyn accient

harvy kitel,mike tyson,tony danza are famous brooklynites
by NLR718 July 09, 2006

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A turm used In prison meaning manythings one is Either let me rape you or I will stabe you the other is I will do what ever I have to servive
Blood on my knife or shit on my dick punk!
by NLR718 June 03, 2006

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Tom Metzger is the director of The Insurgent AKA White Aryan Resistance and was born April 1938 and has six children, five of them girls. His wife Kathy passed away in 1992 after 28 years of marriage. He currently has 9 grandchildren. He has worked for over 30 years as an electronic technician. He has been incarcerated in Los Angeles County jail for 45 days for unlawful assembly (attending a cross lighting in 1982) and has been jailed with his son John in 1992 for 5 days in the Don jail in Toronto, Canada after giving a speech ("likely to commit an indictable offense").
He has been involved in brawls, riots, negotiations with the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, race discussions in Tokyo twice (1993 and 1999), half dozen assassination attempts, won the Democratic Primary in 1980 in the largest Congressional district in the United States (openly as a Klansman), gathered 75,000 votes for U.S. Senate in 1982.

Converted from minister to atheist, reborn from right-winger to racist, he has been subpoenaed to Grand Juries, IRS hearings, Treasury Department inquiries (racist message on back side of fake dollar bills), multiple FBI interrogations ("I have nothing to say"), denounced by presidents, congressmen, politicians.

Sued for 10 million (Tom told John who told Mazzella who told skin heads to kill non-whites), has had his house of 30 years seized and sold, work truck and tools seized and sold, and ordered to work in "non-white" areas during probation (which he used his skills in promoting black and brown self-reliance and racism).

Above all he is 100% content with every battle he's engaged in. The list goes on, this is just a small sample of 40 years of political/racial activity he has engaged in

Tom metzger has adopted as many posisions from the left as he has from the right
by NLR718 June 18, 2006

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a bike chain with a lock used to assualt someone I think the turm was coined by squaters from san fransisco and has made it's way across the country and is usually only used by squaters

Thats a pretty bad smiley
by NLR718 June 05, 2006

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Outlaws is a turm to describe a way of life a gang subculture lived by 1% bikers
the is a mc club called the oulaws,but many mc clubs are concidered outlaws
by NLR718 July 15, 2006

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hammer skins is a orginization sometimes refered to as a gang that has the largest concentration of pro-white skinheads in the united states they have a few splinter groups and factions with in hammer skins such as eastern hammerskins,westen hammerskins,confederate hammerskins. they took their name from the 1982 movie the wall where a fictional group of skinheads in the movie where called hammer skins they are known for orginizing rock against communism concerts ,providing security at various gigs here and abroad and running independent record labels. many hammer skins hold reguler jobs,but probably 20% make their living through criminal activity
hammer skins for ever for ever hammer skins is their matto they are more are less the same as outlaw gangs,1%ers
by NLR718 July 15, 2006

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