sexy this term is used when calling someone good looking hot it is commonly used in the dublin area
alrite sexy your a cracker
by amo-d-07 August 19, 2007
Being White but more African American than your average White person.

Could refer to DNA test results or how you act culturally.
Yooo, I got 13 percent black on my DNA test my nigga, I'm blacker than your average cracker!!!!
by september11th2000-fun December 24, 2020
Pronounced Wackaz-in-yo-Crackaz, refers to a random and unexpected kick to a mans groin. the "wackaz" represents the kick and the "crackaz"represents the groin.
I am not sorry i made you cry this morning from the Wackers in Your Crackers. You will probably need to put ice on your groin for the rest of the day.
by Since83 March 25, 2010
I can't believe you got arrested again. You stood on your cracker again, didn't you?
by Annebath August 19, 2018
Fred: I'm so freaked out right know i'm so stressed
Mark: Soak your crackers, dude
Fred: fine
by Smart P. Blart April 12, 2019
To hack into someone's Instagram account which will crack open like a cracker.
I'm such a good hacker. I can brute force your cracker.
by potatopicker324234 July 17, 2017