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What makes the everyday shy quiet scared reality-escaping bitch on the Internet into a trolling laughing raging prick.

Also is why the 9 year old kids every day threaten to hack you or talk shit just because they know (unless you're an actual hacker) you can't do shit.

The only thing that will not change about said bitch is not telling you much of anything about themselves other than age. Yeah, being anonymous is although safe for you unless you run your mouth too much and end up getting your heart cracked open by some random troll that trolls better than you or hacked just to shut you up, you can also simply get ganged on grow extremely tense lose the original shit talking begin growing upset leave and ultimately cry to yourself because said gang happened to prick out your true self bit by bit. Days later you will be telling your apparent Internet Buddy that you almost committed suicide yesterday.
The Internet is flooded with Anonymosity and little kids that are normally scared shitless begin to talk shit to you unless you can some way give them a bunch of negative facts about themselves.. and you know someone's desperate when all they do is pretend to laugh like LOLOLOLOL and with no comeback whatsoever when in reality they're about to start crying because you overpowered their fake trolling act.

Now I'll go jack off.
by NIS July 13, 2013
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The old man who lurks behind computers convincing teenagers on the internet that he's only 27 and plays guitar. Also used to describe height advantages in prison.
"Man, I wish I had a strangerdanger."

"Mom, a strangerdanger tried to hit on me today :("
by NIS January 13, 2005
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Can be used as an alternative to the phrase 'Nissy's sex slave'. Has been thought to originate from legends passed from generations to generations.
"Wow, look at Liberi (Nissy's sex slave)."

"Hey look, it's an advertisement for Liberi."
by NIS January 13, 2005
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When someone says this it's a reference to an individual so stupid, annoying, etc that it should not be existing and is better off being killed before it reproduces (before it lays eggs = before it makes more of itself/ has youngsters as annoying/stupid as itself)

Guy 2: Kill it before it lays eggs
by NIS May 8, 2013
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A saying popular among adults, which means if you do not open your mouth you will not get what it is you want.
Jane was too quiet at the birthday party, and when everyone got their food, she was last to get hers.

Mother came to Jane and said 'Why aren't you eating?'

Jane responded 'I do want to eat...'

Mother concluded, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed. Next time open your mouth."
by NIS April 26, 2013
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