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The American nation as it is in a state of poverty, government overspending, job losses, politican partisanship and widespread gang violence occuring due to ineffective police and education funding.
I'm sorry, honey, but there's just no way that little people like us can start a small business with the kind of taxes we have to pay in Obamerica.
by qUaCkErZzZz September 21, 2010
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The state of affairs that has become America, who can't go a single newscast without mentioning Barack Obama.
The way Obama supporters, live, breathe and think Obama is going to be like the Gandalf/Abe Lincoln/FDR of America
Obamaland, full of Obamaniacs.
When Obama became a candidate for President, the US became Obamerica

12354 Willow Duck Way Syracuse, New Jersey 45687 Obamerica , The World
by ZyaidaBruja4371 January 20, 2009
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the new name of the US when Barack Obama becomes president.IT will be defined by peace, change, and a new era in American history.
I live in Obamerica.

I'm an Obamerican citizen.
by K Sharm February 04, 2008
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