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The liquid or semi-liquid result of a female orgasm.
After I finished eating out Jenna, my face was covered with girlcream.
by my name February 04, 2003

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yet another slang term for yore asshole or yer rectum.
Adam Gooch likes it up the sphinkter
by My name February 11, 2003

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The only economy in the world that thrives on disease and death. Currently in a bit of a downward spiral thanks to the resident dumbass, George Bush
Cigarettes, Liquor, Guns, and Fast Food. Remove one of these key elements from the American economy, and it will crash. It's fact.
by My name March 25, 2006

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Greatest guitarist of all time. Hendrix got his first guitar when he was 11, and hhad to play it upside down since there were no left handed guitars. Grew up to be one of, if no the best musican of the 60's, and still kicks ass today. If you think Jimi Hendrix sucks, you ought to be shot.
guy1:"Man, jimi hendrix sucks. Slash is t3h 1337 4w350mn355!1!!!111"
guy2"You ought to be shot, dumbass fucktard."
by My name April 22, 2005

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a fat piece of shit who sits around in scooby doo underwear jammin "Aint No Nigga"
Yo man you need to do somethin with your life, dont be like wheatabix.
by My Name September 15, 2003

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A short lesbian wearing a green suit at a wedding. Or anywhere else for that matter.
Oh look! Its a short lesbian in a green suit. No WAIT, its a LESBRECHAUN! Kick ass!
by My name April 13, 2003

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During intercourse the creating of a loud popping noise by slapping the area betwixt the scrotal sac and the rectal region
This is fun baby time for a gooch slap
by My name February 11, 2003

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