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1.taken ;Have a b/f or g/f
GUy:Hey ma, you cuffed?
Girl:Yea, i got my boo
by Muse March 06, 2005
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a supersweet, superhot guy
my bf is such a phong!
by muse August 07, 2004
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a version of 'omg' for all the athiests out there. stands for 'oh my non existent god'
'omneg...she didnt? with him?'
'i know, omneg how gross!'
by Muse February 21, 2004
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huneh - honey - mixed and messed up wrong

a typo basically
person 1: night night luvly.
person 2: later nueh

(means huneh) or (honey)
by muse August 22, 2004
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