extremely drunk. often said at parties containing alcohol.
"You are way too bired danny" said Wade

The Bired man got it told to him by his wife
by Nickthecooolguy August 05, 2008
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The word bired is a combination of bored and tired it is a compound word such as hangry but with bired you ate so tired that you dont wanna go to sleep.
Man, i got nothing to.do and im bired.
Mom: go do the dishes
Me:no im bired
Also used in late night texting
by Yaboimikedabike June 27, 2018
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Bored and tired, in conjuction
Man, I'm just so bired today!

Can't get over this biredom
by MissSmaxelPants April 17, 2011
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Bired is a combination of the two words tired and bored. Being bored is when you are lacking rest and not currently entertained.
Man I was so bired in math class today.
by Thebiredcreators January 27, 2017
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"It's so nice out tonight!"

"Yeah bruh, we should have a bire!"
by Cats917 July 25, 2016
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