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nofx is punk
cheap sex is street punk
cheap sex, lower class brats, the causlties, exploited, gbh, OI! scouts, oxymoron,
by mu moo April 03, 2004

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fucking awsome band
when i think of sXe i think of pussy too scared to smoke or drink when i think of minor threat i think of a punk band that were not fucking pussy that didnt feel like fucking up there minds
by mu moo April 23, 2004

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Anti Fashist Action.......
Bash the Fash........
by Mu moo January 08, 2005

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a sweet punk band
hey who says every punk band has to sing about anarchy and shit
by mu moo September 02, 2003

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someone who fights for personal freedoms. whenther those freedoms be to drink smoke or sit with your friends at a lunch table.
fuck all the brainwashing teachers FF for life. FIGHT THE POWER
by mu moo May 06, 2004

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a sweeeeeeet fucking awsome punk band sort of a modern ramones
hi mom its me
mrs brown you've got an ugly daughter
i didnt puke
punk rock girls
by mu moo September 03, 2003

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an old school punk band with a fast tempo and good lyrics not scream but not sung a great band
i dont give a fuck
the time was right
i never needed you
by mu moo December 19, 2004

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