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The word my 2 year old uses when referring to his penis.
2 year old in tub: "Mommy, my private can float on the water!"
Me: "That's great sweetie, now stop touching it ok?"
by Ms. Chocolate October 11, 2006

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Term used mostly by black people describing what happens to kids when they get into trouble. A whoopin can be given with anything your mama picks up. (belt, switch, hair brush, fly swatter, etc.) Also, years ago in black neighborhoods, you could get your ass whooped by any adult on your street who saw you doing something bad. Also, alot of older black folks firmly believe in whoopin kids' asses.
Kid #1: Hey Jaquan let's go flatten Ms. Peaches' tires!
Jaquan: Naw man cause I sho' dont want another whoopin today.
by Ms. Chocolate October 10, 2006

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The word alot of us use here in the south for any kind of soda.
Me: "Granny, yall got anything to drank in there?"
Granny: "Yeah, we got some cold drank in the fridge."
by Ms. Chocolate October 11, 2006

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Basically means, I dont know, but most of us black folks in Tennessee (or any southern state)shorten it like we do everything else. Why say, "I dont know," when you could say, "ownknow?"
Ghetto chick #1: "Mookie, which one of dem niggas done knocked yo ass up this time?"
Mookie: "Shiiiiit, I aint gone lie, ownknow!"
by Ms. Chocolate October 12, 2006

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