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Lurve means love but in a greater or more frazzled way!
Oh my god I lurve him so much!
by Mr.Satisfied November 30, 2016

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To have, think, or act the same In an exact or almost exact way.
I love you so much, says Adam, "TWINSEYS", says Moana.
by Mr.Satisfied January 27, 2017

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A huge family probley with around 6-7 aunts and uncles tons of grandchildren and 2 old, loving grandparents everyone in the family loves each other some are rich some are poor but everyone's happy everyone lives near each other and everyone helps each other the cimenski family is a family that everyone wants to be in!
God his life is so perfect,"but he's poor?" Amanda said. He must be a Cimenski.
by Mr.Satisfied May 19, 2016

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To be sorry and not sorry at the same time.
I was so Sorfy about eating the last piece of cake.
by Mr.Satisfied December 25, 2018

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Lovingester is when you love someone or something in a special way.
Wow I really lovingester you!
by Mr.Satisfied January 07, 2017

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A sassy person that is tall and is kinda rude and says the word "like" a lot they like to walk ahead of everyone and warch to much anime they also like a lot of food
She's so sassy! She must be a Rylee
by Mr.Satisfied July 01, 2016

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A person who only lives once and likes polo a lot
Hey wanna jump off a cliff sure!! I am a Yolo Polo!
by Mr.Satisfied May 21, 2016

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