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A peer to peer (P2P) file transferring client that is much safer then Limewire. Look down for why it is (second paragraph).

Many people fret over legal issues and the chances of them getting caught downloading (or uploading) copyrighted material, however, the chances are virtually nil.

Because Bittorrent and all those P2P torrent clients are not connected to a centralized server, there is no way to actively monitor who connects and who doesn't, with the exception of your ISP (however, note that they can only target individuals at a time.).

And malware? Yeah, you get that with some torrents inevitably, but a key thing to downloading a torrent is to ALWAYS check comments (if there are any) on that specific download. People will report whether the download is clean or not. If you read a comment saying the torrent has a trojan, that's usually a sign to back off, however, there are some exceptions (i.e. Anti-virus picks up something as malicious even though it isn't. It happens.).

Now, on the topic of legal issues and uploading, let's say a massive torrenting site is taken down by the RIAA, like The Pirate Bay. They might think "A job well done", however, even though that site is taken down, not only are there hundreds more to suffice for it, but the same uploaders can take THEIR material and re-upload it on a different site!

That's another point I have to bring up. Seeders (I'm assuming you know what this means, but think of it as an uploader if you don't. More on this later...). When you seed a torrent, you are giving out pieces of information for the download to peers, or the people sitting there downloading whatever it is they are downloading. So even if a couple uploaders are sued and jailed, anyone could immediately take their place and it wouldn't matter.

It's quite amazing and complex how far file sharing technology has gotten.

Don't take it the wrong way though; anonymity is extremely hard, if not impossible, to obtain unless you're on a private tracker. A simple DOS command reveals all the current IP addresses coming in and connecting to you. But are they honestly going to sit there and count off the over 300 million users that use P2P, probably gaining new users every day?

Don't think so.
The lesson here, is that the Bittorrent and other, similar clients make is extremely hard to track someone downloading anything. On top of that, you are not anonymous when downloading or uploading, and a general synopsis of what goes on within the clients.

Also, please note the clients themselves aren't illegal, it's what's downloaded, and 99% of the time, it's copyrighted.

My opinion? Copyrights=BS.
by Mr. Sacman June 26, 2009

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A decent OS with the most versatility of all OSes. Seriously. This thing can run just about any program and/or application.

Let's go on to debunking common misconceptions about Windows...

1. "Windows crashes like every 5 seconds!!1!1OMG another blue screen!"

While Windows does crash, the amount of times it does and how often is usually dependent on many other factors, those factors involving how much people actually take care of their computers.

Since most people don't know how to simple things like defragment their hard drives every once in awhile, and not open every e-mail attachment they get, it's no wonder people have their computers crash all the time.

Out of the approximate 8 years that I've been using a computer running Windows, I have only gotten the BSoD twice. Twice. And they were both due to me running too many applications over night, anyway. Thank God it did too. I probably would've fried my HDD from the constant strain I was stupidly putting on the CPU.

Take care of your computer, and you don't get crashes. Simple as that.

2 "I'm always getting viruses!!11! Windows always gets viruses!11!! You need to have antivirus stuff!!!!1111!1one1"

Two things:

Common sense (don't download and open every .exe application you see, you dolt. One of the many things people do.)

Windows has a majority of the market share, making it a prime target for malware writers.


3. "Windows security is a joke! So it's so easy to hack!!11!"

Only here will I give you compensation. Yes, Windows security is pretty bad.

But guess what? An IT tech friend of mine said that a Macintosh would take about a few minutes to hack into, and Linux would take about the same amount of time.

I bet no one ever considered the security of alternate operating systems besides Windows, because they're all pretty bad by themselves.

He even showed me how. And this friend is certified in computer security, so he would know. Stop listening to all that propaganda, people.
I'd love to do more, but I'd spend hours trying to pin point everything.

Microsoft Windows: use it right, and it won't fail you. I'm perfectly fine with the XP OS I've been running for quite some time. It has slowed down a bit from age, but I have never even defragged the hard drive due to memory constraints.
by Mr. Sacman August 14, 2009

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When you don't want to pee in a urinal because someone is standing next to you.

It's quite common, so don't feel weird if you have it.
I admit I have penis fright. The very thought of another guy pissing right next to me when I'm trying to just stalls my bladder.

Example Situation:

John entered a public restroom. Having not used the bathroom for a few hours, he really needed to. He didn't have time to reach a stall, and besides, they were all taken.

John decided to use a urinal. He unzipped his fly, and just when he was going to release himself, a burly man stands next to him to do the same. Meanwhile, John is standing there, afraid, confused, wondering what his penis' reaction will be.

He just couldn't. John went to his doctor to ask him why he couldn't urinate in a urinal whilst standing next to another guy.

There was only one thing.

John had penis fright.
by Mr. Sacman July 16, 2009

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Stands for digital subscriber line.

"Line" was replaced with "loop" quite recently.

A family of computers that share a connection over their companies local telephone network and allow for the transmission of digital data. A step up from ole dial up, however...

Largely considered (and is, actually) inferior to cable, T1, fiber optic, etc, however, people still use it.
I wanted a faster internet connection, so I switched my ISP to something that provided higher speed internet over a cable line.

Hey, somebody's got to preserve whatever dignity this acronym has left.

DSL=Digital Subscribing Line. Don't forget it.
by Mr. Sacman June 26, 2009

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