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The sudden and uncontrollable urge to have sex immediately upon waking up in the morning. Usually takes place in a semi-coherent state and can often be associated with morning wood.
I woke up after the party and was so morny that I rolled over on the girl next to me and had sex with her.
by Mr. Mensa September 22, 2007
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Anytime someone less than desirable pays you a compliment that is either unwelcome or completely out of place or character. Often followed by a stare of disgust or awkward silence and usually reserved for women. Often occurs at work or bars.
Can you believe Steve from accounting? He just said how my dress shows off my best features. He can keep his creepliments to himself

Hey Jenny, that guy at the end of the bar just gave me the worst creepliment. He said my eyes remind him of his mother.
by Mr. Mensa July 31, 2008
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To make something better looking or more attractive in a short amount of time for a small or moderate return on investment.
"I had to prettify my bosses reports so he didn't look like a complete looser at the meeting"

"I had to prettify my Xbox before listing it on Ebay"

"My girlfriend is coming over, hurry up and prettify the apartment"
by Mr. Mensa May 04, 2007
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Any close family member or friend who routinely drinks a percentage of any beverage you have made for yourself without asking.
It never fails that when I open a new can of pop, my wife the drink invader waits until I walk away before she guzzles half the thing down.

I hate going to the bar with my friend Jill, she's a drink invader and it ends up costing me money because I buy twice as many drinks.
by Mr. Mensa September 24, 2007
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The sudden and unfortunate loss of memory relating to what it was like to be a normal front line worker. Often occurs when the new manager is surrounded by other managers who fill his/her mind with delusions of grandeur.
"Hey, can you believe Mike asked me to do all these reports before Friday? He must be suffering from promnesia because he used to complain about doing these reports himself last year."
by Mr. Mensa November 28, 2007
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