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This is the term in psychology that means the feeling of having previously experienced an event or place actually being encountered for the first time. It is the same as the French phrase déjà vu which can be translated as "seen before".

In parapsychology the same term is used similarly to precognition, which means knowing something and being able to describe it before you encounter it.
Because of the similarities between this film and that book, everything felt oddly like promnesia, except the book was science fiction, and this movie was non fiction.
by mnemosité October 02, 2009
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The sudden and unfortunate loss of memory relating to what it was like to be a normal front line worker. Often occurs when the new manager is surrounded by other managers who fill his/her mind with delusions of grandeur.
"Hey, can you believe Mike asked me to do all these reports before Friday? He must be suffering from promnesia because he used to complain about doing these reports himself last year."
by Mr. Mensa November 28, 2007
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