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An excuse to use when you're actually surfing for porn.
John: Hey man what's up?
Daniel: Oh uh, nothing, um, I'm just looking up Morrowwind Cheats.
John: Was that porn?
by Mr. Leopard January 24, 2008
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The act of urinating more than any other attendee at a social gathering, to the point where it becomes extremely awkward.
"How much Pepsi did Ian drink at Doug's party? Cause he was being Keith all night!"
by Mr. Leopard January 22, 2008
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When it appears that the only reason a woman has a certain job is the fact that she is so attractive that she has a long line of men wanting to have sex with her.
Check out that MTV VJ! She must have a hard job.
by Mr. Leopard March 23, 2006
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1) To be non-expressive facially.
2) To compulsively stare at women's breasts to the point where it creeps them out.
"Danielle doesn't want to go to Steve's wedding because he's so stoic." - Note, this example could apply to both definitions.
by Mr. Leopard January 22, 2008
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