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30oz Mug with 12" 1/2 diameter hose
Old Fashion Party Funnel mixed in with a 30oz Mug.
www.chuggler.com Where the party begins! 2 Drinks @ 1.75 sec.
by Mr. C March 15, 2005

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21st Century evolution of the party funnel. The "Chuggler".
see "chuggler"
see www.chuggler.com
by Mr. C March 18, 2005

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see chuggler
30oz mug with funnel built in.
by Mr. C April 07, 2005

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used to describe a fat or plump female individual.can also be used in conjunction with the word 'bentos'
she was a bit fray; she has the potential to fray; she's a bit fray bentos.
by Mr. C January 21, 2004

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verb, To make a person or group of people feel uneasy in a given situation due to your lack of sensitivity or insistence on being a prick.

origin: Joe Freeman used to make his jaw square like Batman when he got nervous. Situations that made Joe "batman faced" include: Talking about his sexual escapades with Lily Fields in front of his current girlfriend, offering him pot, or talking about the "magic trick" he did that time when he pulled a string of beads out of his ass in front of his adolescent siblings.
We made that lady batman faced that time we talked about Chris's sister being a whore like the virgin Mary.
by Mr. C March 27, 2005

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invented in Sept. 2004 by a scientist named ES. its a combination of plastic and duck tape mainly used in the production of bubble suits.
Plastuck, plastuck, plastuck, GOOSE!
by mr. c September 13, 2004

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A bee in the shape of apple
Sometimes we get stripped bees, other times we get applebees
by Mr. C February 02, 2004

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