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An commonly-used everyday word that usually means one of the following:

1) A person, usually male.
2) A place
3) A thing
4) An event
1) “He’s one cool ass motherfucker” / “I fuckin’ hate that motherfucker” / “Ehh.. that motherfucker’s alright. I’d rather chill with someone else though.”

2) “Let’s out this motherfucker.” / “We all up in this motherfucker” / “I say, we stop and smoke a bowl at the motherfucker over there.”

3) “Dude, just hand me the light and set the motherfucker down right here....” / “That’s the motherfucker I wanna buy.” / “Just hand me the fuckin’ motherfucker!”

4) “Dude, that motherfucker’s gonna KICK ASS tonight” / “Damn, this motherfucker is WACK. I say we out this motherfucker!” / “I’ll meet you at the motherfucker at seven, alright?”
by Mozzarella Enthusiast August 03, 2008

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An urban poor person of Caucasian decent; Especially a young male who sells drugs, drinks forties in public, has a baby mama and lowers the quality of life of a neighborhood.
This town used to be nice but then a bunch of white trash niggers starting moving in.
by Mozzarella Enthusiast January 08, 2010

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A hooker who after fucking for a buck can direct you to a dude who'll you high-grade cocaine.
After a long search, I finally found Mrs. Right in a very unexpected place.
by Mozzarella Enthusiast May 17, 2010

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A brief, often accidental, moment in a white person's life where they act like a nigger. This lasts only for a short time, usually no more than a minute or two.

see: wigger moment.
White Guy #1: Dude, this new game is the shizzle, dawg.
White Guy #2: Huh?
White Guy #1: Sorry, nigger moment.
by Mozzarella Enthusiast August 03, 2008

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A term that white suburban emo girls sometimes refer to themselves as when they have absolutely no money in their pocket.
Can you give me a ride to the MCR concert, sweetie? I'm a broke ass nigga right now and it would be great.
by Mozzarella Enthusiast January 15, 2008

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