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Cute, in a sexual way.

Used when "cute" or "sexy" just dont cut it. When you want to refer to a girl as someone you wish you could be with.
Ben: Jerry, check out that cuteass girl over there.

Jerry: (prematurely ejaculates, then faints).
by Mouthwash June 22, 2006

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When you have a roadboner and decide to go ahead and make it better. Usually done on a less-traveled road, or when in a large vehicle not easily seen into. (A rig or large truck.)

Usually pretty intense, since the element of exhibitionism is there in force.

Also, be sure to have a handrag or burger king napkin handy.
Damn, I got a roadboner after seeing that cuteass little redhead at that last stoplight. I guess I better jerk off as I drive. Classic Roadsterbation.
by Mouthwash June 22, 2006

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