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when referring to a picture/post on a group page on facebook, YOHB refers to *You On Here Bro* as in, are you a member of this page?
saw a camaro doing burnouts with a huge wing and gaudy chrome rims,in the meijers parking lot. YOHB?
by carguru July 12, 2014
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You On Here Bro/Bitch

A phrase often used on social media to call out someone you saw in real life and snapped a photo of. Often used on online car enthusiast groups to call out stupid shit seen irl
Photo of a shitbox Honda with a wukang-whistler, cut springs, a huge wing, and a anime chick on the hood.

β€œI saw your sweet ride in the Walmart parking lot .. β€˜YOHB’?”
by VCSisGAI May 23, 2019
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A lazy acronym for asking "you on here bro?", because apparently these days typing out a couple words is too hard. This is akin to using letters and numbers as words, ie 2 for to, u for you.
Jim: Saw this nice ass Cavalier today, YOHB?
Tom: Is it too much to ask to actually use words these days?
Jim: But that is too hard, it takes too long to type extra letters, and doesn't make me look cool.
Tom: So you would rather look like a moron because it "looks cool" then?
Jim: Whatever man, you just don't get it, freakin dumbass.
Tom: Right, I'm the dumbass...
by MoronsPissMeOff August 07, 2016
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You on here bro
When you see a picture/video of someone doing something idiotic, and you share it to your group page asking β€œyou on here bro” *yohb searching for the person in picture/video
by Anxiety101 October 05, 2018
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