an amazing record label consisting of anorexics and drunks.
Have you heard the new record from Saddle Creek?
by shesauglygirl February 1, 2004
The greatest label of all time, based on Omaha bands and one from L.A. I love em like... well, like Jenny Lewis and Tim Kasher love each other.maybe.
"...Then We'll go to Omaha to exploit the booming music scene"-Rilo Keily, in refrence to Saddle Creek
by salalee the girl October 19, 2003
Label with bands great indie/emo bands. They have Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Azure Ray, Son Ambulance, and all kind of good stuff. Cursive and the faint, too.
by withheld September 27, 2003
excellent label with many great indie and emo bands like bright eyes, cursive, the faint, azure ray and the good life.
by Sars July 22, 2004