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YOSI is a slang derivative of the Tagalog word SIgarilYO (from Spanish, cigarrillo for cigarette), with its first and last syllables put together in reversed order.

cigarrillo = sigarilyo = SI garil YO = SIYO = YOSI
Huy! Mag-yosi muna tayo...

"Hey! Let's have a cigarette first..."
by Mongol Cabelin August 12, 2007

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Filipino-Tagalog word for ''godfather''.
Female variant for ''godmother'' is NINANG.
Vito Corleone was ninong to Johnny Fontane.
by Mongol Cabelin December 16, 2007

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A Mongolian eunuch who sings horribly and plays music loudly in the presence of His Imperial Majesty, Napoleon. Cabelins like to chase caucasian women, though they find him dark and repulsive. Eunuchs of the El-Juarez breed fine close affinity with cabelins and often mate with them.
"Shut the fuck up, cabelin!"
by Mongol Cabelin August 10, 2007

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(FILF') n.
PHilipina/Philipino I'd Like to Fuck. An extremely fine person of Filipino descent, with whom one would desire to fornicate lustfully.
Jasmin Alejandrino is such a PHILF! I'd hit that till it was sore!
by Mongol Cabelin August 28, 2007

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(foy-pin-NOY) n.
A FRESH OFF the ISLANDS Filipino who is easily spotted out in the United States (or anywhere else), by their thick Filipino accent/incorrect English grammar and native Filipino mannerisms, idiosyncracies and personal carriage (dress, style, etc.) Basically a FOB.
That Cabelin is such a FOI-pinoy, he says "Close the lights"!
by Mongol Cabelin August 28, 2007

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A newly entered recruit in Navy boot camp who is thus called on account of wearing blue Navy hoodies and pants for the first week of indoctrination and inprocessing, and until Navy utility uniforms are issued. They are also shorn of their civilian hair styles: bald for males and shoulder-length for females. The clothes worn are also called 'smurfs' or smurfsuits.
The RDC berated the raw smurfs as they failed to grasp the concepts of marching.
by Mongol Cabelin August 10, 2007

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prostitute in japan of usually foreign extraction, mainly filipinas.
the marines went out for some japayukis last night.
by Mongol Cabelin December 14, 2007

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