5 definitions by Mo’Nique vs. Precious

An abuser that acts like she’s had it so rough in her life and as if she’s been abused and came from nothing and spent her life having to sit in the audience praising people who didn’t do anything to have money or fame other than be born into it while living a life a resentment because she couldn’t have the slightest inch of freedom because she didn’t have enough money to go anywhere or afford transportation and had to spend her years working as some cashier while being treated like trash and having no one believe her when she speaks up for herself in a society like North Korea where punishment lasts for 3 generations for the most petty “crimes” imaginable.
Them: “Omg! It’s Paris Hilton!!!”
Random person: “Why aren’t you acknowledging me? Why do I have to acknowledge some random person that didn’t do anything except exist?”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious September 24, 2020
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A male or a female can be abusive, but since we live in a world where looks overpower reality, women are perceived as all-innocent feeble beings that have absolutely no idea what’s going on— ever. Men and women can come together to be abusive. Some people are forced to be abusive by other abusive people in order to avoid being abused. Only people that have experienced abuse know what this means— anyone else will be completely confused or siding with the one who makes themselves look like the victim. Sometimes they do it by being quiet and ensuring that the jury stands by them and sometimes they’re really good at crying and acting like they’ve lost everything despite being the one with more assets and more money and more social power.
Them: “She’s abusive! I swear— she’s lying about everything!”
Her: “I’m just a businesswoman.”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious September 26, 2020
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Fake bullshit made up by fake people that don’t accept apologies and expect absolutely nothing, but perfection from the “chosen” people. An expectation of absolutely, nothing, but pure perfection from someone — which means SLAVERY and absolute submission and constriction and social chastisement.
Them: “I love you!”
Random person: “No, you don’t. If you loved me, you wouldn’t have given birth to me and brought me to this hell. If you loved me, you would’ve aborted me.”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious September 24, 2020
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Useless organisation that likes to act like it cares about the human race and philanthropy and other silly things that don’t improve the collective/individual human experience. They don’t actually do anything at all. They just sit there and eat ramen noodles and have international potlucks every single day. If someone is giving you an ‘I’m disgusted by you’ look, that’s THEIR right (even if it’s torturous). Why are they looking at you with disgust? Who knows... maybe you’re just a MALE? Some silly little “document” called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created there, but nobody really cares or lives by it.
Child: “Omg, mommy! What is that rectangle building over there with all of the flags from around the world?”

Mother: “Oh, sweetheart... that’s just the United Nations— a Christmas tree ornament just like the Statue of Liberty is an ornament. It’s supposed to represent something, but nobody actually lives by it or pays attention to it. It just becomes background noise. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up? No, you can’t say ‘free’. Give me your fucking hand, CHILD... or better yet, I’ll just tie you on this leash like the DOG that you are. YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP AND STAY STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO STAY IN THE STROLLER WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT!!!!!! WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND WHO CARES IF YOU’RE A CURIOUS TODDLER THAT WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING? SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND DO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO SPANK YOU?!?????!?!??!”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious July 06, 2020
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Random person: “I’m protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!”
Random person: “Nobody’s watching so it doesn’t matter. Do you have any evidence to prove that whatever happened happened? You don’t? Well, that’s too bad for you.”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious September 24, 2020
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