3 definitions by Mister B.

ebonese word either for "tomorrow" or
"the next time".
hey G I gotta jet, catch up with you on the holla, that cool?
by Mister B. August 6, 2005
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1) slang for the word "no", since the first syllable is pronounced "nay", another way of saying no.

2) awesome brand of java!
Mr. A: "Know what time the liquor store closes?"

Mr. B: "Nabob, I do not. Why don't ya call them and find out."
by Mister B. February 10, 2008
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It happened. It only happened there. And it happened far enough away to have any negative effect on the "the here and now".
And anyone who wasn't there at the time need not know about it.
So stfu about it, and move on. But keep the memories. ;)
Dane Cook's intro to a recent show in Las Vegas:

"...great to be back here in Vegas....you know how they say 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'....? Well I have a new saying....if it happens in Vegas, and I see it....I'm fuckin' telling EVERYBODY!!"
by Mister B. November 18, 2006
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