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The fucking stupid whores who created that fucking stupid-ass program called I-Ready. Everyone (including me) fucking hates I-Ready it’s a stupid-ass motherfucking program that makes you dumber each time you use it. For example, if you get 3 questions wrong on a quiz at the end of the lesson in I-Ready, you have to take the ENTIRE FUCKING LESSON OVER AGAIN!
Man, fuck Curriculum Associates! They created that fucking program called I-Ready, which I hate!
by Minecraft1238 January 08, 2019

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Pizza that has been recycled from other tables at the restaurant.
Person 1: Did you see Shane Dawson’s video about Chuck E Cheese Pizza?
Person 2: Yeah, everyone knows that chuck e cheese recycles their pizza.
by Minecraft1238 February 19, 2019

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Dude, SYAU before I get the belt and slap your ass with it!
by Minecraft1238 February 02, 2019

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She is a porn star on pornhub.
Damn, seeing NatalieFlowers‘s pussy made my penis get erect!
by Minecraft1238 January 30, 2019

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Damn, he packin a BC!
by Minecraft1238 February 03, 2019

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Italilan word for sex.
Italian: Posso fare sesso con te?
English: Can I have sex with you?
by Minecraft1238 January 26, 2019

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