73 definition by Minecraft1238

Slang word for a penis.
She licked my frankfurter so good that her mouth was full of my cum.
by Minecraft1238 February 05, 2019

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Not wearing a condom while having sex.
Franklin got HIV because he had unprotected sex.
by Minecraft1238 January 09, 2019

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That dreaded thing you want to see on your YouTube channel. Usually, your YouTube channel gets a copyright strike by uploading a video with a copyrighted song or movie in it and YouTube takes that video down.
Dammn! I got a fucking copyright strike!
by Minecraft1238 January 08, 2019

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Super Bowl 53 sucked ASS! The rams were fucking snails and they lost the fucking game! 3 points? Are you fucking serious? Also, during the halftime show, Sweet Victory was supposed to play, but instead a short 5 second clip of spongebob played and then it turned into fucking sicko mode! Fuck the NFL!
by Minecraft1238 February 07, 2019

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A man’s balls. Located right under the penis.
The Fountains Of Cum! Where all the cum cums from! We have fresh, pure cum that will make you want to have a good licking.
by Minecraft1238 January 08, 2019

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Used to define a literal fucking idiot, or a mentally disabled 9 year old flat earther.
Person 1: Do you think the earth is flat?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: Explain how you think the earth is flat.
Person 2: There’s no curvature.
Person 1: There is a curvature dummy! You just have to go high up in the sky to see it, gosh you are such an imoyourbz!
by Minecraft1238 April 15, 2020

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When you take your penis and stick it in someone’s ass for sexual pleasure
Good sexual pleasure is with anal fucking!
by Minecraft1238 February 14, 2019

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