196 definition by Michelle

A good friend.
A close friend.
A unafraid,bold,outgoing person who cares bout their friends
This here is my Home-Nugget.
I love my Home-Nugget.
If i were your Home-Nugget, i would run away!
by Michelle January 02, 2005

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To befuddle or confuse; usually connotates surprise.
I was boomswaggled by (whatever boomswaggled you).
by Michelle June 21, 2003

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not only used to mean firearms or law officials, "The Heat" is sometimes defined as being hot or awesome. tmj
You're going to see Bright Eyes on Saturday? Conor Oberst is the heat!
by michelle March 29, 2005

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a hot guy's ass
Damn, there's a shnugit at 3 o'clock!
by Michelle March 08, 2004

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A girl who resembles a hippo, a crocodile and a pig.
Your mum is a hippocrocapigamus
by Michelle December 12, 2003

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a pharmacy tech who is a controller in training at a dealership who lives with his boss and drives one of her cars for free but is not boning her and whose father thinks he is gay.
chawles where are my keys?!!?!
by michelle May 06, 2005

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When something is so awesome that you loose control of your fingers on the keyboard and leave the "E" in Freakin' out, and add the "A" on awesome to the end of Freakin'.; Also a girl we know.
Manda: I got a new car
Michelle: Oh my gosh, thats frakina wesome.
Manda: Hey..I know her.
by Michelle April 10, 2005

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