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When a guy/girl have been talking, feelings surface, but neither is ready to become a "couple".
So me and ____ have been really good friends, I told him how I felt, but he suggested we take it slow.
by piiglett. February 18, 2009
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what a guy says after he slept with a girl and wants to continue to do so but doesn't want to call her a girlfriend or go on real dates.
I had fun Friday night but lets take it slow.
by Elayne_G August 14, 2006
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what a woman sez she wants to do when she's reluctant to have sex with you. Same as go slow
On the second date she announced she wanted us to take it slow. Then I just KNEW that she was never going to fuck me.
by Jake February 28, 2004
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Treating women right, and enjoying the time we spend together.
I love this girl, so I let it happen. I asked her if we could take it slow.
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by namelesslove May 28, 2020
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1: A bullshit line used by females and sometimes males to avoid a full commitment . In many cases when this term is used it's because the orator has had many shitty relationships in the past and therefore bases all current relationships on her poor choices from her past.
2: A bullshit line used by females that are still fucking with an ex or their baby daddy.
1: Yeah I'm talking to this new girl . I like her alot. But she told me she wants to take it slow because of some bullshit that happened with one of her exes.
2: This girl I'm talking to said she wanted to take it slow. .... arrrrgh what a bummer . She's probably still fucking her baby daddy.
by BigDickBandit86 June 10, 2018
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