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A game with great potential ran by absolute idiots.
Legend has it back in a mysterious time known as 'beta' this game was actually good.
by Melon May 07, 2003
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One of the hottest tennis players in the world. Section Nine Halo Champion, Section Nine Halo 2 champion, GOD
MELON, halo 2 sniper, fine body, big wang, you know what the deal is
by Melon April 10, 2005
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I'll slaughter your face in!
I made this up one day. I got really mad at this girl. And..I just said it....I make up a lot of what i say. Cause You know. I do DAT.
- I'll slaughter your face in!!!
- ....Well....

People don't know how to respond to it. It's funny.
by Melon May 12, 2004
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Someone with overly large and defined muscles. Resented by most people for their looks and endless talents. Most probably the best shag in the entire world
That hunk is a slopdominator, my god look how buff he is. I bet he's the best shag in the toon
by Melon April 18, 2005
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An expression used when something unusual or unbelievable occurs. Also, when something very good or bad occurs.
Shazam! The martions just landed!
by Melon August 27, 2003
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As in giving a salute for that person
"Spoot Salute!"
by MeLoN December 24, 2003
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