6 definitions by Megaloman

A combination of a knife, spoon, and fork
What's for dinner? Oh, it doesn't matter, I can handle anything with my knook.
by Megaloman October 22, 2007
When a pathetic wuss of a man gets dominated by a freaky bitch who's into that. Usually involves smacking and macking interchangeably.
Dave, what are all those bruises on your back?

Oh, the wife was in a foul mood last night, so I got some smack mackin. It was friggin' awesome
by Megaloman March 12, 2008
An over sized dinosaur-like pig creature. Hippopotami live in African rivers, but also frequent the lush woodlands of Africa. They have a rough, tough outer skin layer that some say resembles the scales of a reptile and many rows of sharp, pointy teeth that they use to eviscerate each other for exclusive rights to rough, rowdy Hippo sex.

Their primary contribution to the environment is taking shits in the river, but the natives of Africa could easily take on this job, making these ugly fuckers basically redundant and useless.
Yo watch out for that badass Hippopotamus, he'll eviscerate you.

I'm not too worried, it's just a fat pig, it can't catch me.
by Megaloman March 10, 2008
A person who lacks some combination of common sense, intelligence, manners, or coolness.
What is your major malfunction numbnuts? Didn't mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?
by Megaloman March 13, 2009
A combination of put that in your pipe and smoke it and suck it, but a more derogatory and forceful way than either individually to end an argument. Often used if the other person is a just plain bitch or cock muncher.
My argument is vastly superior to yours, so put that in your pipe and suck on it. Bitch.
by Megaloman March 12, 2008