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A letter that overly energetic high school girls add to their otherwise traditional names to make them "cute".
Cheerleader: Hi, I'm Jenni--with an i! And this is my friend, Christi.
by me. September 06, 2004

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When it's your 31st birthday, and you live on your own, with no wife, have a crappy job, no friends and no money, this is what you say to yourself in the mirror before bursting out into tears.
Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday dear meeee,
happy birthday to... I suck! Waaaaaah!
by Me. October 10, 2004

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See also stupidity.
Racism & stupidity go hand in hand.
by Me. October 08, 2004

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1) n. The most beautiful, loveable girl in the world.

2) n. Someone you would kill yourself for.

3) n. My babycakes.
Tahmina, I love you with all my heart, and we will be together ... Forever.
by Me. November 11, 2003

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A really cool kid with an expertise of no other.
The one and only, Faizan!
by Me. December 31, 2003

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a small, generally convertible, generally vw cabrio, type car with a generally blonde bitch driving it talking on her cell phone while putting her make up on
i was nearly hit by some bitch bucket today
by me. October 25, 2003

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The most awesomest bitch you'll meet. Also, this name is used once in a million times for a child. Usually a girl. She's cute, toooo.
I'll name that bitch Javina.

Where my nigga Javina at?
by ME. March 24, 2012

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