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A type of cheap vodka usually found in most college dorm rooms.
I got two handles of Burnett's for 20 bucks!
by McFool April 28, 2010
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Describes the protective "cage" you form with your hand around your balls when somebody (possible a sibling or friend) wants to throw, shoot, or hit you with something. In your mind you have concluded that this projectile will cause minimal damage if it hits most places on your body; however you have also concluded if it happens to hit your sack, it could cause major damage, projectile vomiting, and possibly public shame. So with fingers spread wide and slightly curled in, and every muscle in your hand flexing to absorb the possible blow, you stand there like an idiot, and let something hit you. But it's OK because you know deep down in your heart that at least your balls will live to see another day.
"Hey man take off your shirt and let me shoot you with my paint ball gun from across the yard."

"OK!" (walks across yard and turn around)

(friend FIRES quickly)

by McFool April 29, 2010
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Verb- to print.
i.e. "to ink"

Used when something must be printed lest there be dire consequences.
Fuck i forgot to ink my scholarship essay by the deadline. Well there goes $10,000.
by McFool April 27, 2010
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(Verb)- To gracefully write a long research paper, essay, lab report, or any other piece of academic work within 12 hours of it being due. Usually saved for the select few who can actually pull it off and work well under extreme pressure. Refers to the way their fingers effortlessly dance across the keys, using quick, precise tapping motions to create utter bullshit.
Mike: Did you finish that 15 page paper that's due for anatomy tomorrow?

Steve: Nah dude haven't even started it yet. I'll sip an iced coffee, pull an all nighter and tap out that shit later tonight.
by McFool April 26, 2010
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