Floosh is another word for flash. When someone is splashing the cash around you call them floosh, or when someone is showing off you call them floosh. flash
Im so floosh cause i bought 10 bottles of champagne last night.
by Master Of Floosh November 16, 2010
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In the same way that cunt is an extremely bad word for vagina, floosh is an extremely bad word for ass hole.
by freakyfloosh April 23, 2010
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Verb, adjective, noun, adverb, and interjection all in one. It means something is very puffy, usually hair.
Verb- She flooshed my hair!
Adj- Her hair is so flooshed.
Noun- Rocking the floosh nancy!
Adv- Everyone flooshly did their hair
Interjection- FLOOSH MY BALLS!
by psychokillerinyourbed April 29, 2012
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The super soggy poop that sticks to your butt cheeks after you wipe.
Ew, I got some floosh on my ass cheek!
You dumb idiot, go lick up some floosh from your dad's butt.
by santa claus is a jew December 05, 2018
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Floosh is the company Floosh, Inc.
Creator of a self contained, solar powered luxury restroom for outdoor weddings and special events. Derivation: flush with two o's -- because it has a porcelain flushing toilet. www.floosh.com
We rented two beautiful Floosh units for our wedding. Everyone loved them!
by flooshdotcomowner February 12, 2017
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Floosh: A female ejaculation that goes everywhere all over the place; squirt
damn that girl flooshed all over my body, wow!
by FlooshLoVeR777 December 27, 2006
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a game or sport
played with a ping pong sized ball but has the characteristics of a tennin ball (ie its a tennisball but is the size of a ping pong ball)
it is played with 4 tables inbetween 2 players. tables can be of any size according to the players skill and the players distance ranges according to arena but originally is about 5 meters.

the objective is to get to 5.(6 explained later)
if u reach -5...you lose

you gain a point when..
- you throw the flooshball and it bounces off one of the tables and beats the opposite player
-as above when the opposite player drops it

you lose a point when
- you miss a table when throwing the ball

points are stationary when...
-ball hits a table but it caught by opposite player
-ball hits table but goes wide either does not go past last table or out of area you aim to beat the opposition player

when you are on 5...you cant lose a point!
so put everything into your throws because if you miss a table you are still on 5. as soon as you gain a point you win

created by gerard and adam!
Hey adam you wana have a game of floosh

by gezza_888 May 16, 2007
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