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A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during or instead of debating the topic at hand.

Most forums have rules that forbid flaming. This is because the quality of conversation on a forum can be seriously degraded by a flame war. Topics can be "hijacked" by two people who would rather flame each other than discuss the subject of the thread.

Some websites encourage flaming for the purpose of entertainment. One such website is www.flamewarforum.com.
I can't come to work today because i'm having a flame war on www.flamewarforum.com.
by Markus February 09, 2004

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noun, Finnish.
Most likely the most powerful curseword ever created by mankind. Cannot be translated without loss. Versatile word that can be used alone or repeated indefinitely.
Originally name of the tunder god. In the christian era used as a name of the Satan. Perkele is such a powerful word, bacause it includes both of these connotations and in addition is very often associated with 'sisu', the attitude of never ever giving up.
"Perkele", in frustration.
by Markus April 08, 2004

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The type of nipples that Saul Rosenburg (from The Jerky Boys phone calls) has.
I got sand all over my assy nipples
by Markus July 16, 2003

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Term used to define the substance which fills yor undies when you 'follow through'
dave you dirty bastard, that one had fartmeat in it, you'd better check your underpants
by markus October 08, 2004

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A site on the internet where flaming is encouraged for the purpose of entertainment.


Contains information regarding what a flame war is, how to flame, how best to respond to flaming and a guide to forum speak.
I'm flaming some moron on flamewarforum.com
by Markus February 07, 2004

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson has aids.
by Markus July 16, 2003

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In latin/Arabic a person who is fearless and ruthless as an untamed lion.
Man! that mothafucker is a tawfeek
by Markus April 18, 2005

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