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A term used to describe intelligent, well-groomed males. Faison's are typically well-read, athletic, and good-natured.

Faison could also be used as a knick-name for a ladies man.
Jon: "Wow guys like that get all the luck"

Doe: "Yea, thats a Faison for ya. Watch out 'cause he'll take your girl."
by NeverDUN September 21, 2010
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Typical name for someone who no one likes. They usually have nonstop energy and absolutely no chill. They think it's fun and funny to sexually assault people no matter what situation they're in. Also one who get's offended when you hit him back after he sucker punches you in the fucking face.
Faison the type, to suck dick and put it in the asshole, and when it's his turn to get it in the ass he get's all defensive.
by ayyy_lmao May 14, 2015
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To be slow or to fail a certain situation
Depending the situation it could also mean to speak of unnecessary topics.
I dont want to hear your Fais-On
by Wenbot December 28, 2010
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The creepiest guy you'll ever meet. A guy that is or has the ability to be a rapist.
Person 1: Dude I just got an email from this super hot girl on the internet. She says she wan't to see me! Should I go?

Person 2: Hell no!!! That girl is probably a total'll go to her house and she'll be a grown man and he'll rape and kill you!!
by Super Sham Blam January 28, 2010
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