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A very talented and misunderstood rapper, real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers lll, He had a rough upbringing, his father left him when he was just a baby, and his mom was mentally ill with m√ľnchausen symdrome and used to beat him constamely, as Eminem admitted to in the 1999 interview with Howard Stern. He was bullied growing up, and one time he got beaten so bad he got a concussion and had to relearn basic skills slowly to regain his full consciousness, this experience was inspired by his song "brain damage". This is why Eminem is well respected, because all of his music has a reason, and comes from personal experience, but this is also why he is misunderstood, because people don't realize he is only speaking his feelings from his upbringing, he admitted this multiple times in his books and interviews. He didn't get a record deal until Dr. Dre heard his album the "Slim Shady EP" and instantly he got a record deal and instantly he became famous. Although Eminem was underestimated before he was famous, it took a lot of convincing for Eminem to win respect because of his race, but most people realize hip hop is a social political movement meant for people who grew up in the ghetto to find a voice through hip hop, like Eminem, not for specific races. Eminem is always real, never faked an accent when rapping, always respected the hiphop culture and black history and culture, he is now an iconic legend that will forever be known and continues to inspire many rappers.
Person 1: "do you think Eminem is only famous because he's white?"
Person 2: "no, many rappers now a days are white, and they are not even close to eminems fame, in fact Eminem is the only extremely famous and respected white rapper, people just want to pull the race card out on his because they can't accept that a white rapper is one of the best rappers."

Person H: "Is Eminem overrated?"
Person G: "no, most people don't realize the truth Eminem is speaking in his songs and instantly underestimate him, no rapper has gone as personal in their music as Eminem, no one has put as much emotion in their music as Eminem, take the misunderstood song "Kim" for example, his music is so personal, unique and timeless that it's untouchable, nobody has albums that unique, nothing that personal can be overrated, and adding on his lyrical ability makes him almost underrated, or extremely underestimated. Don't you understand? People want to hear VAGUE music, they don't want to hear the truth, that's why they stay stupid things like 'he's overrated' whichout even breaking down the things he is actually rapping about."

Person Y: "is Eminem a wigger?"
Person Z: "NO, he has always and still does respect black culture, he doesn't fake black accents and he respects cultural appropriation, that's why he raps in his own style, and even if he did rap in a black accent, he grew up in a Black community, so he has a right to, but he shows so much respect that he doesn't rap in a black accent."
by Madison P May 14, 2015

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Hip Hop is a social-political movement created in the late 70's. Hip Hop is a culture to give people who grew up in the ghetto a voice, songs in hip hop are spoken from personal experience. Songs are usually mixed with other genres of music like rock and classical (piano), or with record players and scratchers. Break Dancing and Graffiti is also apart of hip hop as a way to express the people apart of the cultures selves, Freestyling is also a major part of hip hop along with rap battles.
"Some people argue that hip hop is dead, I believe that hip hop lives underground, the unfortunate thing is that the culture is getting smaller and smaller."

"Don't confuse hip hop for rap music, rap is just words, hip hop is the context, the beat, the dance movements, hip hop is a culture, and if you grew up in the ghetto and found a voice in hip and use personal experience in the context of your rap, and use record scratchers and mix genres of music then you are most likely apart of the culture."
by Madison P May 14, 2015

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1. A talented actor with a quite diverse career, he has ranged from movies including "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" to "Titanic" to "Shutter Island" to "The Wolf of Wall Street", he can play multiple characters and speak in multiple accents as he has shown in blood diamond where he spoke in a African accent. Although almost every movie he is in, is critically acclaimed, he has never won an Oscar although many people say that he should have by now, multiple times.
"Who's that sexy guy in Catch Me If You Can?"

"Mm that's Leonardo Dicaprio, he's one of the sexiest actors alive, isn't he talented!"
by Madison P May 14, 2015

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A music genre that tends to be in the mainstream. It usually is repetitive, and it focuses of the words being formed in a rhythm that connects to people who grown a liking to it, usually people are raised upon it because it is the easiest and weakest form of music created, this is why most artists resort to it when they are desperate, it becomes famous instantly and easily, but A lot of it is recycled and processed into another song that is similar with beats but the lyrics are changed and the rhythm is changed a little. That's why when people start off or resort to pop music or the mainstream "Pop "of their Genre, they tend to get less respect because it is typical, not original or meaningful, it is repetitive and only weakens music as a whole. It can start off as for example rock music and then weaken to pop music, people may think it is still rock, but it's really turned pop, with just enough rock to even be considered rock music, when it's just pop music disguised as rock n roll. This is why they may call it "mainstream" because it is basically pop music of that genre. So all in all pop music is either a weakened, recycled, & repetitive form of another genre, or it is simply lyrics with a weak beat and formed to whom like the mainstream sound, which tends to be extremely popular.
Idiot: "Is that hip hop song fancy by Iggy azalea?"

Smart person: "No, that is simply a mainstream pop music disguised as hiphop"
by Madison P February 07, 2015

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1. An actor who portrayed Uncle Jesse on Full House from 1987-1995, he originally became famous from starring in a soap opera called general hospital, and was on a show recently called ER, and has also done some Broadway shows in the early 2000's.

2. The sexiest man alive, great personality and a sultry voice.
"Oh my god who is that hot guy on full house?"
"Oh that's uncle Jesse aka John stamos aka the sexiest man alive"
by Madison P April 29, 2015

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Little Richard, also known as the real King Of Rock N Roll is an American recording artist, songwriter and musician. He has been an influential figure in popular music and culture for more than six decades. Has hit songs such as "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Lucille", "Tutti Frutti", "The Girl Can't Help It" & many more. Little Richard was among the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. In 1993 he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and performed at U.S. president Bill Clinton's inaugural gala. Having seemingly reconciled his religious beliefs with his love of rock and roll, he remains an exciting live performer.
"Fuck Elvis, Little Richard is the king of Rock N Roll"
by Madison P May 11, 2015

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The most misunderstood TV show of all time, it basically accurately puts a satirical mirror on modern society, politics, social issues and anything relevant to the world. People tend to factor out the satire because their IQ is to low to understand it, so they simply take the swearing to face value humour, even though the humour goes into so much depth intellectually. It is about 4 boys from Colorodo, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, and Kenny McCormick, as they travel through different misadventures through their years of adolescence.
"Hey did you see that episode of South Park where they talked about how China was invading America? Funny how that is actually happening! They are buying out our land, man the creators make genius predictions!"

"Wow, I learnt an amazing lesson South Park about racism, politics, and basically everything, it's almost like they educate me on the issues!"
by Madison P May 25, 2015

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