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A kind, intelligent girl. One who hopes on many things and is always wishing. Although Samaraha is wise, she gets easily disappointed with many things. She's true to her lover and is, or may be in the future a LGBTQ member. She's afraid of her true identity and longs for the truth. She is very pretty and she parties so often! Samaraha is a fun person to be around and loves animals. Samaraha is not fond of many of her capabilities, yet she exels in many things. (especially art)
"Samaraha you're sweet!" Said Ami her friend.
by Madelyn’s DEFFYS! January 18, 2019
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Clara got annoyed with Josh when he texted her “Do you know what a pencil is?” She said “Ifk!”
by Madelyn’s DEFFYS! June 23, 2018
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1 Momo: An evil, suicidal, and horrible being. The face of a horrible challenge called "The Momo Challenge." The challenge itself is where you get messages from "Whatsapp" or simply "Facebook" that is challenging you to do dangerous things to yourself. This "Momo" claims that if you don't complete the challenge you'll be killed, or your family will be killed.

2. Momo: An okay with excitement.
3. Momo:Used when something spooky, hysterical, or just plain old odd.
1: "A young girl did the Momo Challenge and commited suicide." -News Reporter

2: "Yo, dude, you gotta hit thatttt!" "Momoooooo!" -A man to another man
3: "There is something in the bushes!" Said the young girl to her friend. They both say "Momo!!!" at the same time.
by Madelyn’s DEFFYS! March 1, 2019
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