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Meep is a word used to describe someone who is looking adorably cute. When a person is cuddly looking, and looks like you just want to poke them or hug them, you would refer to them as a Meep. (or they look meeplike, are meep-ey, etc.)
"AWE! you are such a meep all huddled up in your sweatshirt and blanket that i just want to hug you!!"
by Maddiee October 04, 2007
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When someone is a Douchebag, But you're using it as an adjective.
''Hey look at that guy over there! He is HOT!!!"
"Been there, done that. I'd rather Bitch Slap him."
"He's a douchebaggy douchebag"
by MaddieE March 15, 2012
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