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Family of Crazeh Arsehats
He is in the foca
Part of the foca
member of foca
by MadCow October 6, 2004
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The act of going out to eat at a restaurant on multiple occasions during a time period
This weekend we were out raunting and we must have hit up 8 different restaurants
by MadCow August 30, 2017
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a nasty, yellow, fuck up tooth in Jeff's nasty ass grill.
Jeff's butter tooth is so fucked up, he cut his mom's pussy with it last night.
by MadCow July 21, 2004
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Organization that was once noble and just, but has become petty and exclusive, not to mention far too conservative for modern society. Rejects people based on religion and sexual orientation, and has fought the court system in order to be able to do so. Ultimately, they are NOT a private group: They recieve federal funds, and camp often times on federal lands. The Courts were wrong and biased by allowing them to exclude homosexuals and nontheists, and it's important that that is recognized.

Encourages boys to waste their childhood worrying about Eagle Projects and their 'Rank' in relation to their peers. No real way around it, since if you don't make Eagle then the time (not to mention hundred of dollars in dues, camp fees, etc.,) is especially wasted. After achieving Eagle, many realize that the 'Looks good on resumes' argument was basically false, unless you're going for the 'camp counselor' career. That it's really basically only worthwile if you're military bound (in which case you would have been better off (by benefits and starting rank) by working for JROTC merits instead of BSA) or are able to make it into the even more exclusive Order of the Arrow. I'm neither, I'll admit.

90% of Boys praticipating are being forced by parents to do so. 90% of badges are earned fron Scoutmaster (and parental) pity. Many merit badges are archaic and unneccessary in modern times. Some are just rediculous, period (the coin collecting badge, for example). It has become an outlet for parents who have their child's life planned out from birth to 25. As such, they cannot afford to have a scout stuck in the Life Rank. I have seen entire Eagle Projects faked, and approved. The District Leadership really has no control over the individual troops, and the National leadership is just a funnel for the mormon church.

There are plenty of organizations where, youths, teens, and adults can camp, learn, and have fun together. The BSA, however, claims to attempt to teach leadership and citizenship as well, and that is wherein lies the problem.
It is not the BSA's perogative to judge the morals of individuals. Morally straight doesn't neccessarily mean sexually straight. And you don't have to be "Reverent" to maintain the values of Leadership, which is what the whole system claims to try and produce. A good Boy Scout need only be 1) A good kid. 2) Willing to meet all kinds of kids. 3) Not taught to condemn other kinds of kids.
by MadCow October 10, 2004
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X'Sorm ghandek...What an ass you've got!!
by MadCow September 10, 2004
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1. Money-$ucking company who$e only intere$t is profit.
2. Incompetent.
3. Anti-competitive.
4. Alternative word for "shit"
5. Company that will put you through hell before you can get ADSL with any ISP other than theirs.
6. Turned Australia into a broadband backwater.
by MadCow May 14, 2004
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Follower of a sport that's been dead for over a decade, skates on decks that are way too thin, has most likely never skated a pool, or couldn't even name some of the classic SoCal spots, all the while spending time learning complicated flashy shit while they can barely ride their boards that they most likely paid way too much for.

Commonly seen escorted off of church property because most of the skateparks were closed after Gator was sent to prison.
"Birdhouse sucks!"
"Bam Margera is god."
"'Casper Boyden'? Never heard of him. He create a move or something? "(Also See Alan Gelfand and Steve Caballero)
"Drop in? I'd rather talk trash and hurt myself in comical ways."
by MadCow August 31, 2004
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