Telstra, the fucking shittest internet in fucking Australia.

The sole fucking reason why fucking india has better internet than australia.

A rip off, a reason for the anger issues of many.

A service that will provide technicians which will have solutions to none of the fucking problems you have.

A service that places people on hold for half an hour.

A service that sparsely has customer support that a fucking literate in english.
Person 1 (After waiting 20 minutes for a website to load): "What the fuck is this bullshit, I pay for a fucking premium service to find that shitty Telstra can't provide a fucking basic server to the wider community."

Person 2 (After doing a speed test that reads: Latency 1020 ms, Download Speed .012 mbps.): "Fuck fucking Telstra , I fork over 90 dollars a fucking month for a fucking server that works 2% of the fucking time. To which every fucking reason of their slow internet is "Congestion" or some fucking shit. Then fucking make your shitty server better fucking shit cunt Telstra. Not like your fucking low on money after robbing us stupid customers."
by IHateTelstra February 5, 2017
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Fucking bad cunts that provide absolute dirt tier Internet.

Australia is fucking shit thanks to them
Hey want to watch a youtube video? Oh wait it wont fucking load cause of bad cunt Telstra.
by Telstra is cancer June 5, 2015
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1. Expensive and inoperative, though claiming to be otherwise.

2. Fucked, broken.

3. Inadequacy masked by incompetence.
Don't buy that, maye mate's got one and it's Telstra.
by Mucus Van Merkin May 12, 2004
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1. Fucking Cunts that are gay and suck ass and wont upgrade people to broadband because they are fuckwits

2. providers of internet that is a fucking rip-off

3. providers of internet that is so fucking slow that my gradma could crawl quicker
Internet in Australia is fucking shit because of Telstra
by Tara McKay December 14, 2006
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1. Money-$ucking company who$e only intere$t is profit.
2. Incompetent.
3. Anti-competitive.
4. Alternative word for "shit"
5. Company that will put you through hell before you can get ADSL with any ISP other than theirs.
6. Turned Australia into a broadband backwater.
by MaDcOw May 14, 2004
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The Worst Telcommunications Company in Australia; yet, it's legions of Supporters will stand along side its self destructing pattern.

Telstra Provides 3 Main Services:
1. Mobile Telecommunications Services
2. Land Line Telecommunication Services
3. Internet, both ADSL and Dialup Services

We we'll first start with there Mobile Phone Services. Bad Quality, Expensive, and Out of Range come to mind almost instantaneously. They charge you in 30 Second Blocks AUD$.38 per block. AUD$.20 connection, they are the most expensive in all of Australia. There CDMA Service is appaling. Go just 10KM out of the main cities and don't expect a signal. And as a result of them owning the equiptment, everyone else has to put up with there trash.

Next there Landline is also nothing to be happy about. Just for having it sitting there it Cost AUD$30 a Month. STD Calls aren't cheap, and neither are mobile calls, but that can be expected. In the country you wait about 2 Months for Service to come out. Oh and there was Rats at the Exchange of the old house.

There ADSL Service is just sad. They technology block there exchanges to nothing more than 1.5Mb/s Down and 256KB Up. I could be enjoying 8mb/1mb but Telstra owns the Equiptment. They recently announced Upgrading for ADSL2 and they are going to Technology Block that at 3-6Mb/s Down (24mb/s it could be). You pay AUD$30 for 256/64KB Broadband and get 200MB or 400MB Downloads.

So as we can see Telstra = Rubbish. Do what you can and find a Better Internet, Mobile and Telephone Services.
Just don't go with Telstra. They don't deserve money for the service they provide, only the equiptment.
by sxar July 23, 2005
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Telstra is so... grrrrr. (See grrrrr)
Don't get Telstra
by sj0r April 28, 2003
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