a place for those reluctant to prostitute their minds voluntarily, will get academia’s social norms reinforced there. via imprisonment, retardation therapy (activity therapy sessions that lower your emotional as well as intellectual horizon to the socially acceptable niveau), apathy therapy (talk therapy (psychology) to reinforce some artificial values manufactured by pro-academia and pro-life fanatics into you, to turn you (back – if that was the case before – or at last) into an uncritical worshipper of the status quo that was shaped above your head without your consent, and most of all, to distract you with vacant smalltalk from your antecedent complaints and problems so that you’ll never solve them and remain stuck in the position you are in), hallucination therapy (the intake of expensive pharmaceutical drugs for the sake of throwing money into the pockets of academia-certified drug pushers, and to fuck with your brainchemistry for the sake of fuck) and subsequent deprivation of privileges (or even complete patronization reaching out to even the most personal matters) as a result of the diagnosis you’ve been brandmarked with. also called the asylum, the looney bin, psychiatry, mental hospital
“a gate marks a boundary between two worlds: familiar and strange, outside and inside, seen and unseen, mad and sane. Like a port, it is a liminal space, a threshold, a place of entries and exits, a dividing-line that marks some kind of change: of place, time, power, status or rights. in western culture over the past two hundred years one of the most feared gates, along with that of the workhouse, has been that of the asylum, the loony bin, the nuthouse.”
(an excerpt from “madness in its place”, page 29, written by Diana Gittins)

to where he was sent against his will and his revolt.

all of that notwithstanding, he still arrived on the dot.
mentally he finally bowed to the inevitable and resigned, ready at last to offer his mind for arbitrary amendments by way of experiment, follow-up treatments up to and including infinity, with relentless continuity. for now he’s enabled to defer his will and his revolt indefinitely.
by sabicu November 10, 2013
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Another name for female genitalia; the place where nut belongs.
Girls get wet when you say it.
"Dude I'm so getting up in Maria's nut house tonight"
"My dick is making a visit to the nut house"
by Bigfagassbitch May 04, 2018
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